15 February 2018

Reading / Status, 15 Feb 18

Been a while, still alive.  Got into a relationship right around the time of last post, ended in January, so now I'm back (to the extent that I was ever here).  Interesting things I've read (or done) recently:

Gwern on spaced repetition, started using mnemosyne for data related to a couple of new hobbies / capabilities I want to bring online this year.  Related and linked from Gwern, SuperMemo's guidelines for writing flashcards.

KB6NU's Tech and General ham radio exam study guides, followed by passing both of those licensing exams (spaced repetition helped).

Started supplementing vitamin D and fish oil (since I have very little sunshine or fish in my life).  Mood seems slightly increased generally, though I have had difficulty focusing (really need to start meditating regularly again).  A multi-month skin condition cleared up in 48 hours with the vitamin D supplementation, which was neat.  Also began playing with caffeine pills twice a week, rhodiola rosea once a week, and irregular panax ginseng.  Stimulants really don't do me any good without focus though.

Relatedly, SlateStarCodex on placebo - I'm willing to chalk up improved mood to regression to the mean following relationship termination, but the skin thing seemed pretty real.

Been having persistent fasciculation in my left eyelid, pretty annoying.  Have been getting ~7.5 hours of melatonin-assisted sleep most nights, though frequently interrupted in wee hours of morning.  Doesn't seem to be a magnesium deficiency; brocolli and blackstrap haven't done anything for it.  Might just be stress.

Most of the Google SRE Book.  Error budget seems like a great concept.  I like the line "every line of code is a liability."  Pleasantly surprised to find unattributed quotes from John Gall / General Systemantics.  Most of the book is not really applicable to my current work, though.

Evolving a Decompiler.  Very cool, I should really download and play with their code.

Several posts at Path Sensitive, along with the first half of this paper that he linked to (I intend to finish it).

Gwern's book review on a history of naval operations analysis.  I tend to roll pretty Chesterton, so this gave me some things to chew on.

Spolsky came up at work, so I read Field Guide to Developers (I really need to get around to reading this copy of Peopleware on my shelf), Guerilla Guide to Interviewing, and Paul Graham's Beating the Averages.

Martin Jambon's Universal Career Advice.

GDB's startup-with-shell off command, for when you're debugging programs that LD_PRELOAD libraries that break bash.  Relatedly, ld.so man page.  Lots of grungy environment variables to play with.

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